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Medical conferences 



Acute stroke treatment in the cath lab

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It is our great pleasure to invite you to be part of ICCA Stroke 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany! Learn how to remove cloths from the brain and make a real difference in the life of your patients. There is no other catheter intervention you can perform with such a huge impact! ICCA Stroke is a two-day interdisciplinary and interactive course with lecture from leading experts in the field, live and recorded cases, step by step presentations, debates and hands-on simulator workshops. You will be guided through the different aspects of stroke treatment and carotid stenting: patient selection, imaging, indication, how to do it, post-procedural care as well as avoiding and managing complications.

In December 2015 WIST launched its modular scheme for the training in interventional stroke treatment. The training includes high fidelity simulation practice and placement in interventional stroke centers of excellence inside and outside the EU. The society also issues consensus statements and guidelines in the field of endovascular stroke treatment.


Please look at the training and medical conferences below to see what upcoming activities WIST has to offer you.

Join us for an outstanding educational course delivered by Professor Iris Grunwald. The course focuses on interventional stroke treatment. It provides insight into current clinical aspects of stroke management. You'll be trained on a cutting-edge medical simulator and gain hands-on simulator experience with current interventional devices. Choose from a one day to three day advanced course.

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