A Collaborative Approach to Interventional Stroke Treatment
WIST Society //

WIST aims to provide information and training guidance to interventionists from all fields specializing in acute stroke intervention. We want to ensure that stroke patients have access to the treatment they need to give them the best quality of life. WIST strives to ensure that acute catheter based stroke intervention procedures are only performed by well trained specialists.

Our Aims //

WIST will:

-   Provide a global, multidisciplinary collaborative approach to current       and future interventional stroke treatment.

-   Increase awareness of novel interventional treatment options

-   Improve communication amongst experts in the field

-   Provide a forum for sharing experiences, views and information on           interventional stroke treatment

-   Register members active in general or specialist areas in stroke

-   Provide specific training and aim towards the setting of competency         standards

-   Make information available to members and other relevant bodies

Brief History //

WIST was launched by 20 renowned experts in the field of interventional stroke treatment (supported by patients, service commissioners and other healthcare providers) due to the need for a collaborative approach to interventional stroke treatment, guidelines and standardisation of care. The initial Steering Group agreed the aims and objectives and 7 people volunteered to form a group to formally set up and run the society.


WIST holds regular events and issues newsletters. The WIST forum attracts professionals engaged in all aspects of stroke treatment.


WIST aims to be independent of politics or vested interests and has been established as an unincorporated, non-profit-making society and its affairs are managed by a board of volunteer members. A formal constitution is available.